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Foreshore Park

Jul 24

About Foreshore Park

Discover Newcastle Foreshore Park, an expansive 11-hectare waterfront gem that marries the beauty of the harbour and beaches with the rich cultural history of sites like Fort Scratchley, the convict lumberyard, and Customs House. Built on a foundation of reclaimed land with a past steeped in mining, shipping, and rail industries, this iconic park emerged in 1988 as a crowning achievement for Australia's bicentenary celebrations.

Today, with over 30 years under its belt, the Foreshore Park continues to evolve and adapt to the community's needs. Guided by the Foreshore Plan of Management 2015, the park stands poised for strategic enhancements to ensure its verdant setting and stunning views remain the jewel of Newcastle's crown for generations to come. In May 2018, a remarkable tree replanting initiative began, aimed at increasing usable shade in the Foreshore Park precinct by a staggering 20 times. The ambitious project started with carefully excavating holes near the Nobbys Road/Wharf Road roundabout, making room for 12 majestic Norfolk Island pines, each standing 6-9 meters tall. 

This impressive transformation marks just the beginning. The plan envisions the eventual integration of a diverse range of mature species, such as broad-leaved lilly pillies, coastal banksias, native hibiscuses, and kentia palms, further enhancing the beauty and charm of the Foreshore precinct.


What to do at Foreshore Park

Discover the captivating Foreshore Park, nestled near the picturesque shores of Newcastle Harbour. This premier destination offers a delightful family retreat featuring a lively playground, barbecues, and abundant green space for endless adventures. Stumble upon charming ponds teeming with ducks and other aquatic avians, creating an idyllic, unforgettable atmosphere for all ages.

Discover the wonders of Foreshore Park! Unleash your inner child or let your little ones explore a captivating playground, complete with an exhilarating liberty swing, an impressive climbable structure, and delightfully fun rockers. Experience the joy, laughter, and excitement at Foreshore Park - where memories are made! Foreshore Park offers a unique play experience that reflects the area's historic charm. Kids can take an exciting voyage on its vintage locomotive and explore beneath trees covered by protective sailcloths, all while staying cool in the shade!

Foreshore Park

One local company in Newcastle that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: A1 Concreters Newcastle

Address: 95 Park Ave, Kotara NSW 2289

Phone: (02) 4063 1470



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