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Nobbys Lighthouse

Jul 23

About Nobbys Lighthouse

Discover the historic Nobbys Lighthouse, an active beacon since 1854, illuminating the path for vessels entering the Hunter River. Nestled on the captivating Nobbys Head in Newcastle, this quaint lighthouse is accompanied by three charming cottages. Their storied past includes providing shelter for defence staff during the turbulence of WWII (1942) while maintaining a link to the signal station until 2001. Experience this extraordinary glimpse into Newcastle's unique past and maritime heritage.

Discover the fascinating Nobbys Head Light, an operational lighthouse majestically overlooking the southern entrance to Newcastle Harbour in New South Wales, Australia. Its iconic image proudly adorns the Coat of Arms of the City of Newcastle, showcasing its historical significance. Managed by the Newcastle Port Corporation and the Land Property Management Authority, this captivating landmark warmly welcomes visitors to explore its scenic surroundings every Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm.


What to do at Nobbys Lighthouse

Nestled atop the scenic Nobbys Head, a striking physical landmark, awaits the Nobbys Lighthouse, surrounded by the much-loved Nobbys Breakwall, making the area a must-visit destination for recreation-seekers.

To reach this charming lighthouse, indulge in a leisurely walk or revitalize by biking along the Macquarie Pier, as car access is unavailable. Starting from the Nobbys Beach car park, a short 550-meter (around 10-minute) stroll will bring you to the entrance gate. Continue with a refreshing 220-meter uphill walk to reach the welcoming Signal Master's Cottage. Be aware that the site's captivating isolation and exposure to natural elements make it prone to a cool breeze at varying times of the day. Therefore, wear comfortable footwear and a cozy jacket during your visit.

Discover the captivating Nobbys Lighthouse, a renowned emblem in Newcastle's heart. Relish the scenic allure as you stroll through the grounds, open every Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm, free of charge. Embark on an 800-meter adventure from the nearby Camp Shortland parking area, culminating in a rewarding climb and breathtaking panoramic vistas. Savour a warm cup of tea or a refreshing cold drink from the quaint on-site kiosk, or relish a thoughtfully packed meal as you take in the awe-inspiring 360-degree views.

Light house

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Name: A1 Concreters Newcastle

Address: 95 Park Ave, Kotara NSW 2289

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