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Driveway Repair Cost in 2022

Oct 24


A concrete driveway repair in Pittsburgh is more than a cosmetic improvement. There may be underlying problems that need to be addressed. Sunken slabs, hairline cracks, crumbling potholes, imprints, and crushing are all common problems. Hire a professional driveway repair Pittsburgh to inspect concrete driveways for any major surface problems.


A concrete driveway can be repaired for an average of $1,000 to HTML500. The average homeowner will spend $1250 to repair a 24'x24' driveway. This includes labor and materials. 


This type of repair is most affordable at $150 and the most expensive for resurfacing at 2,300.

Concrete Driveway Repair Prices

National average cost:$1,250


Average range:$1,000-$1,500





Concrete Driveway Repairs Cost by Problem

A concrete driveway can be repaired for an average of $1.10-$4.5 per square foot. Depending on the issue, it could cost $150-200 per hole. These problems can range from minor incontinence to major structural issues. It can crack or sink from poor installation, severe weather conditions, increased moisture exposure, and extreme weather.


To determine the extent of the problem, professionals recommend the best solution. These are the most common issues and their average costs to fix them.

Concrete Apron Repair

The driveway nearest to the road is called an apron. The project costs $110-$140 or $0.10-$1.40 per square foot. This includes labor and materials. The apron is made from the same material as the rest of your driveway so it will be subject to the same issues. The contractor will remove your old apron and fill in the voids.

Concrete Driveway Repairs

To patch hairline cracks, expect to pay $1.75 - $2 per square ft. The total cost for a 24'x24' driveway would be $1,000 up to $1,200. Weather and aging can cause hairline cracks. 


The professional may only need minimal filling and sealing for small hairline cracks. A compound patch may be an option for small hairline cracks.

Pitted concrete driveway repair

A 24'x24' driveway can be repaired for between $1,000 to $1,200 and $1.75 - $2 per square feet. Small, deep holes can cause rocky concrete. This problem can be seen in jagged lines within a compacted area. 


Pitting can occur naturally and is common in driveways older than a decade. Pitting can also occur if the concrete mix is not properly prepared or if it isn't completed correctly.

Repair of a crumbling concrete driveway

To patch or seal a crumbling driveway, expect to pay $1.75 - $2 per square foot. A 24'x24' driveway can be repaired for $1,000 up to $1,200


Concrete cracking can be caused by poor installation or old age. If not dealt with immediately, it can lead to a worsening of the problem. The curb appeal of a damaged area can be improved by fixing it.

Cost of Repairing Cracks in Concrete Driveway

Most contractors charge between $2.00 and $2.50 per sq. foot for filler and sealing the cracks. You can expect to pay $1200 to $1,400 to repair 500 square feet. Crack repair may not always be possible. 


Contractors may recommend replacing structural cracks if they are found. Cracked concrete is the most frequent problem for homeowners.

Concrete Driveway Potholes Can Be Repaired

Repairing a single pothole costs between $150 to $200. The contractor must remove any concrete still in place before filling the pothole. With chisels or sledgehammers, the professional will remove large pieces of concrete from the pothole. 


Pothole filler can be used after the old material is removed. Once the patch has dried, it is ready to be leveled. The area can be smoothened once it has been set.

Concrete Driveway Repairs Cost by Solution

Concrete driveway repairs can cost anywhere from $0.25 to $25. Before recommending a solution, contractors will give you an estimate. The cost of a repair is determined by its size and whether it is essential or stamped concrete. 

Sealing Concrete Driveway Cost

Sealing costs $0.25 to 0.50 per sq. foot. An average cost of $150-300 for 24'x24' feet of driveway is $150-300. Resurfacing is not the same thing as sealing cracks. Protective sealants are applied to prevent cracking and minimize cosmetic blemishes instead of tearing off the top layer.

Install a concrete driveway

To patch and seal a cracked or damaged driveway, the professional cost will be $1.75 to $2 per square foot. A 24'x24' area can be patched for between $1,000 to $1,150. For minor repairs, such as small pitted areas or hairline cracks, patching is usually possible. 


Mixing concrete compounds fills cracks and creates strong bonds with concrete surfaces. These compounds can contain cement, polymers and other additives.

Concrete Driveway Leveling Cost

Most companies charge $1.80- $25 per square foot. To level concrete. This includes all materials and labor. Depending on its method, a 24'x24' driveway can be leveled for $1,050 up to $14,400. It usually takes one to two hours to demolish it, regardless of the method used. Concrete can develop cracks under its surface over time. 


This can cause it to sag and dip. Cracking and splitting can occur if this problem is not addressed. Professionals can fix this problem using several leveling methods.

Concrete Driveway Resurfacing Cost

Concrete resurfacing costs from $2.50 to $4 a square foot. To resurface a crack driveway measuring 24'x24', expect to pay $1.440 to $2.300. Concrete is resurfaced when it is repaired, cleaned, and topped with a new surface. 


This helps to protect the surface and rejuvenates its appearance. It can also fix cosmetic problems such as spalling and crumbling.