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Lake Illawarra

Aug 30

About Lake Illawarra

Lake Illawarra has been a natural wonder for centuries. Located between the rugged Illawarra Escarpment and the salty Pacific Ocean, this lake's water flows both fresh from its source on top of Australia's South Coast as well oceanic tides that push in at any given time due to rise & fall cycles!

These are nine-and-five half kilometres long, respectively. Lake is surrounded by 13 boat ramps with an area of 33 square kilometres and a maximum depth of 3 meters deep! It's also home to many types of fishing, including prawning (type seafood) as well all water sports like waterskiing or wakeboarding, which make it the perfect spot if your looking for some fun in the sun without getting too wet yourself - just don't forget the sunscreen.

Lake Illawarra is a spectacular spot to spend time. There are so many things you can do on the water, like fishing or sailing! Plus it's only one of Australia’s most beautiful lakes - what more could someone want?

Lk. Illawara

What to do at Lake Illawarra

Hire a boat or book into Stand Up Paddle day on the lake and watch as the sun rises. Walk/cycle around Lake Illawarra Art Trail for some local history, and Aboriginal heritage (maybe even see some wildlife), before ending your trip with an art exhibit at one of Australia's most famous painting spots - The National Art Gallery!

The foreshore of Lake Illawarra is a popular spot for picnics with its new Ninja children's playground, picnic shelters and gas barbecues. The lake also offers toilet facilities as well as kiosks that provide information about the area, including how to behave responsibly around wildlife or if you're planning on having your own adventure swimming across the water!

The lake is a sanctuary for wildlife, and its shores are lined with lush grasslands. Birds can be seen hunting amongst the reeds or perching on wires as they search out their next meal; fish leap out of water to explore new territory before returning beneath us again!


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