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Apr 8

Concrete is a material used for a variety of constructions and installations . Its robust nature and incredibly toughness make it an excellent choice for exterior projects especially. One classic use of concrete is the construction of driveways. If you're ever in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area, and you'll undoubtedly encounter a variety roads made of concrete. There are numerous reasons that concrete driveways are an ideal option for any property owner - a few of which are listed below. We at Fort Wayne Concrete Contractors Co we feel at ease in saying the concrete professionals we employ are the top in the business for this kind of work and you'll be able to feel satisfied with the quality of the final product if you put the trust of our team. For more information about concrete driveways, either go through the information below or reach for one of our customer support representatives.

Benefits of Using Concrete

Concrete for your driveway is one of the best choices you'll ever make. Concrete might not be as luxurious as tiles, bricks, or wood, however it's incredible properties can make it worth the cost. Its main advantages include:

Strong and Durable

One of the chief reasons concrete driveways are extremely popular is that concrete is a durable material. Driveways have to deal with foot and vehicle traffic, as well as a wide assortment of weather conditions which can be extremely challenging. But concrete driveways are able to stand up with the conditions well, providing excellent service regardless of their. If you're looking for an extremely durable surface that doesn't buckle or break due to the sun or rain, then this is the ideal choice for you.

Low Maintenance

A lot of people who contact us to inquire about the possibility of a concrete driveway for their home be concerned about the level of upkeep and maintenance they'll need to carry out - but there's no reason to worry about this. It's a good thing that concrete is a substance that doesn't require much input after it's installed. It will require very little maintenance. Only the most basic maintenance of cleaning and clearing every day will keep your surface in top condition.


The upfront cost you'll pay for a concrete driveway is not among the lowest on the market . However, it's far from the most costly either. But keeping this to considerations, it makes sense financially to choose the concrete driveway. Because this material is durable and will last for a long time so you'll never need to consider replacing it any time in the near future. Considering these installations last for years and don't degrade in any way, there's no way you'll need to make a new payment any time soon.

Curb Appeal

It's important to keep in mind the fact that your driveway will be the part of your property that people are likely to see first It's the area that makes your first impression. So, you have to make sure that you have a driveway that's certain to be awe-inspiring. If you decide to go with simple or stamped concrete for your driveway, you're sure to be able to create a stunning design that doesn't disappoint.

Decorative Driveway

Are you fed up with that boring concrete finish? If your answer is a yes then the decorative driveway option is for you. Also known as stamped concrete decorative concrete will add extra curb appeal to your new concrete driveway. It's also a method that's perfect for updating your existing driveway. This method helps enhance the look of your property which makes it distinctive to you. If you choose the right concrete driveway contractors, you will end up with an area that's more gorgeous and appealing than what you'd like it be.

Concrete Driveway Installation

We are a company called Fort Wayne Concrete Contractors Co. has been in the business of concrete for a long time. We operate and provide concrete services in Fort Wayne, IN. Fort Wayne, IN area. We realize how vital you need to get a correctly put in concrete driveway to make sure you get your money's worth. This is why we follow a strict concrete driveway installation process to ensure high-quality outcomes.

For you to have a five-star quality concrete driveway surface, we adhere to these steps:

  1. Project Site Assessment
    • As a premier concrete company, we always make sure to conduct a site inspection before the actual construction begins. We usually check the kind of soil within the area and make sure that it's not difficult to work with. Otherwise, we do what is necessary to ensure it works for an appropriate concrete flooring.
  2. Preparation and Delivery of Materials
    • The construction of concrete driveways involves on-site preparation. This includes processing permits for construction, as well as hauling debris and other materials from the area of construction. It allows us to begin from scratch. We also measure the project site to prepare for the construction for concrete slabs. During this phase, everything must be put in order to finish and start the work on time. In most cases, we employ the ready-to-use concrete mix. In some instances we mix it up on our own , using the specific ratio of concrete mix consisting of cement, gravel sand, water, and air.
  3. Driveway Installation
    • The installation of driveways can be extremely complex. This is why it is important to hire an experienced concrete contractor to help you with the installation. Fort Wayne Concrete Contractors Co is known for providing residential and commercial properties with the best driveways in the area. Pouring concrete is an essential process. This is why we carefully do it, making sure the concrete slabs we pour last for years. We employ reinforcing steel to provide extra strength, particularly since concrete driveways support large vehicles.
    • In the course of this procedure we will ask our customers to finalize their choice -what they would prefer - the plain concrete finish or one with a design. Rest assured, we keep in mind your preferences throughout the installation process. This way, we can give you the design you'd like.
  4. Quality Assurance
    • Whether it's an asphalt driveway or a concrete driveway project that we do, we always conduct checks on the quality of our work. We owe it to our customers to give you your money's worth. We ensure concrete surfaces are ready prior to when we deliver the work to you.
    • If we perform a quality check to check for quality, we first make sure that wet concrete is already cure. If not, we won't equipped to detect driveway cracks and other possible damage. Our team will go over all of the driveway to determine if any concern needs to be addressed immediately.
  5. Clean-up and Turnover of New Concrete Driveway
    • So, your new driveway is now ready. What's next? For us, at least, we clean it up first. We make sure it's prepared to use the moment we turn over the driveway to you. We dispose of all construction debris leaving you with a clean and finished driveway.

Why Hire Us

There are a myriad of driveway contractors out there But why should you pick Fort Wayne Concrete Contractors Co.? We'll give you the top 10 of the top reasons you should work with us on the next driveway construction project:

Experienced and Reliable

Working with the right contractor spares you from inconveniences. It also helps keep your mind at ease as you know you've got the right contractors in charge of your driveway. Our company makes life easier by providing exceptional concrete driveway maintenance services. We handle everything you need from beginning to finish. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project, we will provide solutions or help as soon as possible.

Wide Selection of Driveway Finishes

Every client has a unique flavor. While some prefer a smoother surface, others opt for an edgy, rough finish. This is why we offer many choices to select from. The concrete finishes we provide include the decorative finish, Broom finish, exposed aggregate, and polished concrete.

Affordable Concrete Driveway Cost

Our company provides the lowest cost option available within the Fort Wayne, IN area. Although the cost of concrete varies depending on the requirements of the driveway construction be assured that our rates are among the most competitive prices you will come across. If you want to know how much you'll have to spend on your driveway, send us your square footage and we'll supply you with an accurate estimation on a per sq foot basis.

Free Cost Estimate

Budgeting is an essential aspect in all construction projects. We offer accurate and free estimates so you can save up for the concrete driveway you've always wanted. Do not worry, our no-cost cost estimates come without commitments. We are confident with our services.

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An attractive and durable concrete driveway is more than an added curb appeal to your home. It also boosts the resale value -- if you plan to sell the property in the near future. Let's discuss! Contact us now for a consultation or submit an enquiry via the form on the Contact US page. Our team is eager to take your call or help you answer any questions online between office hours.

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